Review No Respect: New & Selected Poems 1964-2000 PDF

Review No Respect: New & Selected Poems 1964-2000 PDF
  • Posted on: 2 November 2016
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No Respect: New Selected Poems 1964-2000
Autor: Gerard Malanga
Categories: Poetry
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Rating: 2.67 of 5 stars,6 ratings
Original Format: Paperback, 296 pages
ISBN: 1574231626
Language: English
ISBN13: 9781574231625

Original Title: No Respect: New and Selected Poems 1964-2000


In 1964, at age 21, Gerard Malanga was already the celebrity poet-photographer-Golden Boy of Andy Warholacute;s Factory, heacute;d starred in Warhol movies and his poetry had appeared in such prestigious literary magazines as Poetry, Art & Literature, Partisan Review and The New Yorker. This monumental retrospective volume includes all the major highlights of Malangaacute;s previously published work, plus many new or rediscovered poems appearing here in book form for the first time. A poetic testament spanning almost four decades, No Respect firmly establishes Malangaacute;s respect-worthy place in our recent literary history.From the glamorous, sophisticated mid-Sixties "Fashion Poems" to the elegiac, ruminative Nineties "Memoryacute;s Snapshots", these glittering, multifaceted lyric pieces arrest our attention with their beautiful reflective surfaces, casting subtly oblique shadows that linger on the imaginationacute;s lens ("I am a camera / recording").